We serve juicy cheeseburgers, perfect onion rings, fried chicken and tasty soft serve ice cream. Our versions of classic Americana roadside fare are made to order using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our commitment extends beyond the menu and into the glass.

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19 Beers on Tap

Designed and developed to celebrate the full spectrum of beer styles, artisans, traditions, regions, and flavour possibilities
with an unrivalled combination of small batch brands, local craft beer, and a rare level of knowledge. 


June 19th

persephone 'dry irish'
nitro stout | gibsons / BC

to ol 'sur amarillo'
dry hopped sour | copenhagen / dk

four winds 'old world' 
hefeweizen | delta  / bc

bridge brewing 'champagne' 
brut ipa  | north van / BC

halcyon 'infinity mirror'
brett ipa | van kleel hill / on

spectrum 'hot pink'
lemonade sour | east van / bc

slowhand brewing
pilsner | east van  / bc